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Network solutions without risk for your company

The central firewall that controls the enforcement of security policies is still the core of every IT security structure although the demands towards performance and functionality have hugely increased. In order to provide secure operation, they more than ever have to deal with the actual contents transported as well as the state of communication protocols on every level. Modern firewall solutions offer optional modules for such analytic tasks. As an alternative Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) can be installed separately.


Firewalls offer a broad protection against network attacks on your company. We assist you in the evaluation, conception and implementation of a new firewall infrastructure. We investigate your existing firewall infrastructure with security audits and penetration checks. As the security situation changes almost daily it is extremely important to keep the firewall systems up to date. We provide this through periodical firewall maintenance.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Today most companies dispose of a security infrastructure which fends off attacks from the internet. But what happens if the attacks come from within the ranks?
Host and network based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) identify attacks on computer systems and networks.
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) do not only serve to identify attacks but also offer functions capable of preventing detected attacks.

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Secure internet access, clean emails and security for mobile users

Networks and Computers are constantly threatened through malware like viruses and trojan horses. One wrong click can have disastrous implications. IT systems get infected and susceptible to attacks from the outside; Company data gets into the wrong hands; whole networks are disabled. Additionally to the loss of data and the time required to restore functionality, these failures can cause lasting damage to the company's reputation.

Systematically securing all web services

The security demands of IT networks have constantly changed over the past years. Many companies employ 'best-of-breed' products to secure their IT infrastructures against internet attacks. A consolidated infrastructure does not only provide more security but also simplified means of system management.
A cache proxy as central internet gateway provides faster access; Additionally, SSL-Proxies can open and analyze encrypted data packets before sending them to the clients. In order to control the web traffic of all entry points, the web servers and clients also need to be equipped with antivirus tools. Meanwhile URL filters monitor the internet usage. Services like instant messaging and Skype have to be integrated into the security considerations as well.

Is your mail secure and confidential?

Extensive email protection plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of your electronic communication in your company. Specific security systems detect and minimize the risks for your critical infrastructure and business data.

Mobile users need to be secured as well

In order to sufficiently protect the users of mobile devices from internet and email threats they need spyware and trojan-blockers in addition to virus scanners and personal firewalls. All these tools need to be controlled centrally and kept up to date. Yesterday's virus definitions may be outdated and offer no protection from current malware.
Under no condition may any client which doesn't comply with the defined security policy be connected to the company network. The device must first run through up-to-date quarantine and remediation mechanisms.

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VPN - Virtual Private Network

Client-to-Site VPN solutions enable your external employees to access your company network and its services over a secure internet connection.

Site-to-Site VPN solutions are a cost effective way to connect multiple local branch office networks securely.

SSL-VPN solutions enable mobile employees and their associates to make use of selected local files and applications of your local IT network, safely and comfortable through a web browser.

Remote Access & Authentication

Risks to the IT operations must be evaluated and disabled in order to ensure smooth business processes. This is in keeping wiith the demands of numerous legal regulations towards businesses. The explicit identification and distinct authorizations of all users are a key procedure to this purpose.

Today's companies are aware of the numerous threats towards their IT infrastructure which come with the unauthorized access on internal file servers, documents, remote access systems or web portals.

This is why the supposedly safe user / password concept is often replaced by modern procedures like one time passwords (OTP) or certificates and smartcards.
We are ready to help you with the designing and evaluation and work out possible solutions in cooperation with you.

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