IT infrastructure management

The IT infrastructure is the strategic base of your business processes

Is your enterprise's IT hard to control and fund consuming?

Base condition

The typical condition for an IT infrastructure consists of locally implemented manual processes, few central controls and missing or non-applied IT policies and standards in the domains of security, backups, image management / deployment and compliance.

In this state you are lacking knowledge of the current structures and strategies which would improve the situation. In the absence of tools and resources the faultless operation of applications and services cannot be guaranteed. There is no adequate media to exchange IT knowledge. Customers with such a basic infrastructure have problems controlling their productive environments. They have to keep a raised budget for desktop computer and server administration. They are liable to security risks and are hardly able to profit from positive IT trends. Patches, software and services are deployed at high effort and cost.

Optimizing the IT infrastructure (Diagram)

Optimizing the IT infrastructure (Diagram)

Develop your infrastructure from 'basic' to 'standardized'

You will profit to a large extent from this kind of transition from basic infrastructure into proper standards as the following measures will drastically cut costs:

  • The development of standards, guidelines and control functions which are applied within an assertion strategy.
  • Minimization of security risks through the setting up of a multi-layered security strategy. This means a step by step approach in order to establish proper security levels for your networks, servers, desktop computers and applications.
  • Automation of various manual and timeconsuming tasks. The application of well proven practices like those of the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security Institute) etc.
  • The goal is to shift the perspective on IT structures from being a burden to an active, strategically important asset.
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