Communication & Collaboration

Communication solutions

You need a communication platform which enables interaction both with internal and external partners simultaneously. You also want communication to be able to take place in all desktop applications, enabling your employees to use a word documant to either open a telephone conference or initiate a chat conversation with a colleague from a partner company through a secure channel.

We plan and implement at request unified communication systems that combine classic messaging and groupware with modern communication tools like voice over IP, instant messaging and video conferencing. We also migrate your messaging platforms to the most recent versions or if desired from Novell
GroupWise and Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange.


You want a collaboration platform which enables you to manage all information concerning a subject, be it documents, mail or databases. Give all employees access to changes, news and Line-of-Business-Systems in which essential information for daily teamwork is stored. It is essential that only one, easily accessible instance of each document exists.

We can develop a collaboration platform on the base of Microsoft SharePoint which supports reliably structured as well as unstructured groups. It can out-of-the-box represent many typical procedures like clearance procedures, document reviewing, automatic attribution of email to a workspace or electronic signing. This virtual workspace enables even external personnel to join in using for example an extranet or Microsoft Groove. Security measures are, of course,
provided in these solutions.

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